What is this, anyway?

The HUGMONSTER was originally created for the Ludum Dare 48 Hour Game Competition in December 2011 during LD#22. The theme for the contest was simply "Alone."

This was my first attempt at a game jam, and definitely the first time I've put together a working game from concept to finish in such a short time.

As you might guess, the resulting game was charming and amusing, but I wasn't happy with the control scheme. Judging by the commentary I wasn't alone in that. At the same time, I was so charmed by the Hug Monster as a character and the goofball potential of the mood and characters that I couldn't resist polishing up the experience, tightening up the gameplay, and adding more content.

    Some relevant information:
  • My Ludum Dare 22 Blog - In the early entries, I kept a log of my progress in real-time. Later, I talk about and rate other people's wonderful games.
  • Hug Monster's Ludum Dare submission page - Here you can find a link to the original version of the game along with its various rankings and commentary from players that helped to shape its post-competition direction (hopefully) for the better.
  • I Ludum Dare You! - A full post-mortem of the original game experience on my blog (Which incidentally has several tutorials on things like C# in Unity 3D, Some Android development, and ActionScript 3).

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